Toycode Android (mobile)

PW Memo



A notepad application for passwords pins etc.


  • Free, open source. Source code
  • No Ads. Only external storage read/write permission is required.
  • Use AES128bit-CBC.
  • Timer lock.
  • Can export crypt dat to External storage.
  • Poor English.
  • Not optimized for tablet. (but work)

How to install

Download and install from Android Market, or get here.

Setting Master Password

When it starts first, the master password setting screen is displayed. Please enter the password of four or more letters. We recommend that you use at least 8 letters.

Main (list) screen

This is the main screen of this application.

If you don't operate for a definite period of time, a key will be in a "closed key" state. It is necessary to enter a master password for change to the state "opened key".

If you touch "Add" button, the main screen will change to a new data editing screen.

If you touch the title of item, the main screen will change to the editing screen of that item.

Context Menu

If you press the title of an item for a long time, the following context menu will be displayed.

A touch on "Copy User ID" will copy the User ID to then clipboard. A touch on "Copy Password" will copy the password to a clipboard.

Option Menu

If you push the [menu] button, the following option menus will appear.

  • "setting..." open the setting screen.
  • "export..." Write all data to SD card, e-mail, Dropbox etc.
  • "import..." Read data from SD card.
  • "Help..." Show this page.
  • "About..." Show about this application.

New Edit/View

On the main (list) screen, if the "additional" button is pushed, the "New" screen will open. And, if the title of data is touched in a main screen, the "Edit/View" screen will open.

Operations on "New" and "Edit/View" are common.

The first input column is a column which inputs the title. The title inputted here will be displayed on a main (list) screen. Since it is not enciphered, please do not put in confidential information here.

The second field is intended to enter your user name or ID.

The third field is the field for inputting a password and a personal identification number.

The fourth input field is the field for additional notes.

You can copy the contents of the input field by press the Copy button next to each input field.

When you press the "OK" button, the fields are committed and returns to the main (list) screen.

If you press the "cancel" button, the edits are canceled, and returns to the main (list) screen.


If you press the [menu] button then the option menu "Delete" appears.

If you press "Delete" then this record is deleted.


If you press [menu] button at main (list) screen and press "Export" the Export screen will appears. On this screen, You can write all the data to the SD card or e-mail etc. If you are using Dropbox you can export to Dropbox.

You can read exported data later, or you can copy it and read on another Android device.

If you are useing Unix like system (Linux), you can decrypt the data to json text by using opessl command line tool.

First, before exporting the data, please enter the password for export. Since SD card and the mail can do reading and writing more easily than the built-in memory (storage) of Android, I recommend you to set more complicated password than the master password.

Next, when you write in SD card, please check the file name and push the button.

Please push a beginning button, when you attach to e-mail etc. In addition, when DropBox is installed, it can write out to a DropBox folder.


If you press [menu] button at main (list) screen and select "Import" the Import screen will appears. On this screen, You can read the data from the SD card.

Please set the password for importing. This needs to be the same as the password for exporting.

Next, please input the file name to read.

Please choose the method of overwriting from two kinds of methods. If "Merge" is chosen, the data whose title and user name correspond will be overwritten. If "Insert" is chosen, only the data that all correspond will be overwritten.


Press the [Menu] button at the main screen and select "setting..." to display the screen for setting.

Auto Lock
When the automatic lock is effective, the app will be locked after a certain time of continuous non-operation. When invalid automatic lock, not lock until exit the application or push to "Exit" or Lock-Botton.
Auto Lock Timeout
When an automatic lock is on, time until it becomes lock is chosen here.
Change Password
Change your master password.
Delete all
Delete your master password and all the saved data. Please note that you cannot go back after you select OK to the confirmation dialog.

Ciphering method


Algorithms used to encode data is compatible with "openssl aea-128-cbc". The built-in engine on Android is used.

At first, it is generate SecureRaondom as internal password. And use it to encrypt data.

Inner password is encrypted by typing in password, and kept in internal storage.

Title is not encrypted.


The file is formated as JSON, and encrypted in "openssl aes-128-cbc" mode.

If you can use the command line tool of openssl.

% openssl enc -d -aes-128-cbc -in data.pwmemo

You can decode the file by entering an above command, and input a password.


WiFi State



Home screen Widget display SSID and IP address. (And the network setting screen is opened when touching.)

How to install